Desert & The Stars

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The Wave 1Milky Way Over The Grand CanyonAntelope Canyon 1Moon Bow On Yosemite Falls 1Mesa  ArchLake Powel Star TrailsAntelope Canyon 2Grand Canyon 1Tear Drop ArchDeath Valley Salt FlatsThe Racetrack 1Dead Horse PointThe Wave 2False KivaJoshua Tree NP 1The Wave 3Antelope Canyon 5IMG_4552.jpgMobius Arch 1The Racetrack 2Antelope Canyon 2Joshua Tree NP 2The Racetrack 3The Wave 4Mobius Arch 2Antelope Canyon 3The Wave 5The Racetrack 4The Racetrack 5Milky Way Over Mt RainierMobius Arch 3Antelope Canyon 4Grand Canyon 2The Racetrack 6Mobius Arch 4Moon Bow On Yosemite Falls 2Joshua Tree NP 3Grand Canyon 3