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Lamar Wolf Pack 1The Kiss Of DeathBlack Bear Cub 1Eye Of The GrizzlyKiller WhaleYellowstone Ermine 1Yellowstone FoxKatmai Grizzly 1Yellowstone Grizzly 1Lamar Wolf Pack 2Coyote 1Black Bear Cub 2Yellowstone Coyote 1Lamar Wolf Pack 3Katmai Grizzly 2Black Bear Cub 3Jasper Black Bear 1Black Bear Cub 4Black Bear Cub 5Yellowstone Ermine 2Yellowstone Coyote 2Lamar Wolf Pack 4Silver FoxKatmai Grizzly 3Lamar Wolf Pack 6Bald EagleBlack Bear Cub 6Yellowstone Grizzly 2Lamar Wolf Pack 5Yellowstone Coyote 3Yellowstone Wolves